This woman was fed up with hair dyes, so she decides to transform her look


Our body evolves throughout our lives, so the changes it goes through do not stop after the period of growth but continue in quite a different way. Hair is one of those things that often end up changing beyond a certain age, but instead of seeing this as a flaw, you have to know how to manage this new appearance in order to bring out all its charm.


Where does gray hair come from?

The graying of hair, in other words, canities, is a process that ends up being triggered, both in men and in women, beyond a certain age. However, the circumstances and reasons for its manifestation vary from person to person, so there are factors such as ethnicity and genetic family history that can also lead to “premature canities”. Some specialists give this name to cases where gray hair appears before the forties.


Some studies suggest that between 6 and 23% of the world population has more than half of their hair graying before age 50. It also turns out that people with Asian and African origins experience this change later. On the other hand, canities manifest themselves on average at 34 years of age in individuals of Caucasian origin and 44 years in people of African origin. Graying hair would visibly affect people with darker hair earlier, while those with lighter hair would be more exposed to a later change in hair color, but more accelerated and drastic compared to others.

Canities can also be caused by certain diseases, in particular autoimmune pathologies such as hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia or cases of premature aging such as progeria or sangria. Moreover, 55% of people affected by pernicious anemia end up developing total canities before their fifties. For healthy people, 30% are affected by this hair disruption.

A woman who was fed up with having to color her hair

Coloring your hair regularly generally generates significant expenses, whether in money, time, or effort, for a result that will ultimately be very short-lived and unsatisfactory in the medium term. This woman got tired of coloring her hair every time and made the decision to do something quite daring and unexpected with the precious help of her hairdresser.

41-year-old Kerry Grundhoefer had auburn hair, a shade of red, that many other women would have liked to have, knowing that her hair was healthy, supple, and had volume. But despite this, she realized that she was tired of having to color her hair regularly in order to keep that look.

Kerry suddenly asks “The Makeover Guy” for help, knowing that Christopher Jon Hopkins, who is the head of this company is famous for changing the appearance of many women and men so that they are more stylish. comfortable in their own skin and can showcase their true charm, regardless of their age.

woman was fed up with hair dyes

As Kerry saw that the gray hair was taking on a little more each day, she got to the point where she no longer had any desire to hide it or cover it in another color, so she got a cut. the hair.

After the transformation, when she looked at herself in the mirror, she was able to spot a bold, charming woman with gray hair and much shorter.

The makeover she got with Christopher Hopkins was just fabulous! And you, would you dare to do the same?

credit to  santeplusmag