These 50 women give up dyeing themselves to prove that women with gray hair are the most beautiful


Having beautiful silky hair with a natural shade is an undeniable asset of seduction. However, over time our body produces less melanin, eventually, our hair loses its natural color and turns white. When most of them try to mask the effects of time by coloring their manes, these women have preferred to show that beauty can remain at any age. Discover them in pictures!

1-Silver Fox

“My husband calls me Silver Fox, I love myself, love my hair, and get compliments all the time.



“Deciding to grow my gray hair out was a moment of accepting who I am: I feel young, healthy, and beautiful.

3-Shades of gray:
“In winter, my hair is whiter than gray, I love these shades! ”

4-White roots:

“When at 12 a boy noticed my first white hair, I was mortified. I used to color my hair a lot, but in recent years I have stopped and taken care of my natural color. ”

5-My color is part of my personality

“I love my hair and this color is part of my personality. Stay as you are and ignore other people’s comments. ”

6-A fairy with long hair

“The color and length combined is one of my favorite attributes: some people tell me I’m supernatural, that I look like a fairy.

7-Like X-Men:

I was born with gray and black hair, like X-Men. After giving birth to my son, my hair turned white, I feel like I found my color.

8-Like mother, like daughter:

“I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all  moms , I received this gift from mine! ”

9-Free in gray

“I have been dying my hair since I was 18. Today at 42, I can’t wait to see my gray curls. Gray is freedom. ”


“Think about what you can do when you stop hiding your true Self! ”

credit santeplusmag