2. To repair your tips and forks

If your hair is very damaged or split at the ends, do not panic! Before you take out the scissors and cut half of your lengths, first try to revive them using organic carrot oil.
To do this, place a few drops on the palm of your hand and apply them to the tips of your hair. It is not necessary to rinse your hair after this application. So you can use it at any time, even after a shower.

3. To make your hair grow faster and strengthen it

If you dream of long and silky hair , this oil is for you. If you apply it regularly enough, you will notice a noticeable acceleration in the growth.

To achieve this, start by heating it in a double boiler. When it is warm, apply it to your scalp and massage it thoroughly with your fingertips until it penetrates well.
It is recommended to apply this oil every 4 days , ideally before going to bed. When you wake up, just rinse your hair thoroughly, washing it as usual.

4. To nourish your hair permanently

To continuously and effortlessly nourish your hair, just add a few drops of your carrot oil to the mask you usually use in the shower and apply it as usual.

5. To prevent drought

To prevent dry hair, you can add a few drops of carrot oil to your shampoo bottle. Then use it normally.


It is essential to do a test on your skin (on the wrist or on the inside of the elbow) before applying it to your scalp to avoid any allergic reaction.

credit : santeplusmag