Additional tips to activate hair regrowth 

If you have fragile, brittle, or dull hair, certain things can be done. Hair health requires regular care and nutrient intake that you need to know. Here are the main areas to focus on to have beautiful hair:

A balanced diet 

Certain nutrients are effective in taking care of your hair and making it grow faster. Proteins and sulfur-containing amino acids, which are found in lentils, almonds, chicken or even egg yolks, trace elements such as zinc as well as the B and C vitamins that most fruits contain and vegetables, as well as iron, which is found in oysters, mussels, almonds, etc.

Sufficient hydration

In addition, to take care of the hair, it is necessary to drink sufficient water. Indeed, water is essential to ensure the proper functioning of all the cells of the human body.

Make masks

Instead of using chemicals and assaulting your hair with a straightener, feed it with natural ingredients. Masks based on avocado, egg yolk, olive oil or castor oil can improve the appearance of your hair and restore its vitality. However, be sure to perform allergy testing before applying oil-based masks.

Treat yourself to regular massages

To deeply penetrate the active principles of the ingredients in the scalp, regular massages are required. These will help promote microcirculation and make the hair stronger and silkier.

Avoid stress

The stress disrupts the entire human body and is often accompanied by a fall of hair. To regulate your emotional states, practice sports as well as relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. In addition, go to bed regularly at the same time to give your body the rest it deserves.

credit santeplusmag