Density: a cutting-edge solution against hair loss (alopecia)


Thinning hair, massive loss of volume, alopecia areata, more than 10 million of us in France are affected by alopecia. With Density, find hair provided in three steps! Its material attaches perfectly to the hair fibers for a natural and voluminous look. With its mattifying powder with natural keratin and its fixing spray, find healthy hair, strengthened and without diffuse effect.

Developed by Plastimea laboratories, Density products meet a technology that respects the composition of the hair and a promise of guaranteed results. With this two-step treatment recommended by the HTS Clinic, a benchmark hair care establishment, find full hair in just a few steps.



Density mattifying powder: to fill diffused hair

Density Mattifying Hair Powder is made from organic keratin fibers. This protein is the main component of hair fiber. His role? Preserve the elasticity and vigor of the hair mass. Density mattifying powder coats your hair in keratin microfibers for immediate results. Available in nine shades, it is water-resistant thanks to its waterproof technology and wind-resistant thanks to its electrostatic charges. Shake, sprinkle, spread, and say goodbye to sparse areas.

Volume and density

Density mattifying powder attaches to all the material, adhering perfectly to it thanks to its complexity with organic keratin. Its outfit is resistant to sweating and external aggressions for in-depth protection of the hair. Find a dense hair mass and give a boost to fine and dull hair. With its capacity of 60 applications, this treatment costs less than 1 euro per day. Density mattifying powder is suitable for all hair types.

Optimal fixation

With the Density fixing spray, protect your hairstyle all day long. This product has been designed to make a perfect junction between the keratin fibers and your hair. In one spray, you guarantee a respectful fixation of the hair for a natural finish. Bare areas are camouflaged for the whole day.

Three-step treatment:

To hide her thinning hair, three gestures are enough. Shake the Density mattifying powder to distribute the keratin fibers. Sprinkle the product on the areas affected by alopecia. Distribute the Density powder over the entire hair mass. To perfect the result, spray the Density waterproof fixing spray.

credit to santeplusmag