5 signs your body is sending you when your liver is bad


The liver, this vital organ that acts as a veritable “purification plant” of the human body, can very quickly find itself overwhelmed by excesses of all kinds, including ultra-industrialized food. Fortunately, our body gives us some warning signals upstream to remedy this. Listen to your body as it can warn you of possible liver dysfunction. Here are 5 signs to watch out for. 

Pesticides, preservatives, food coloring, alcohol, tobacco… Consumed in excess, the liver is overwhelmed by work, and gives us warning signals to warn us. Here are 5 symptoms that you should watch out for, which may be synonymous with a possible dysfunction of this organ that wants you well.



Localization of the liver in the body / Source: amelioretasante

The liver: what is it for, and why should we take care of it?

The liver is the largest vital organ in the human body. Moreover, it alone performs more than 500 functions essential to its proper functioning. They range from the production of bile, metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, iron, and cholesterol, to the storage of vitamins and minerals. Its most important role is the filtration of toxic waste from the blood, which accumulated, can harm other organs.

A healthy liver ensures the proper functioning of the body as a whole. However, if not taken care of, the diseases that can result from it are not to be taken lightly. Cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, fatty liver or cancer of the liver. Many of them can be caused by a bad diet or a bad lifestyle.

5 signs that will help you spot a possible liver dysfunction

To detect a possible liver problem, it is essential to listen to your body. There are some telltale symptoms that can put your trust in your mouth and push you to see a doctor prescribe the right treatment and act on time. Here are 5 put forward by the Mayo Clinic, an American research hospital federation:

1. Itching and tenderness of the skin

A buildup of toxins can cause discomfort throughout the body. As the liver cannot evacuate them, this could cause an unpleasant reaction to the skin.

Asked by the Journal des Femmes, Pr Patrick Marcellin, hepatologist and director of the INSERM research team at Beaujon hospital explains that this happens in particular when the liver cannot process the bile, “which causes too much full of bile acid in the blood, small inflammations of the blood vessels and therefore itchy skin ”.


Woman who suffers from itching / Source: Brain & Psycho

2. A feeling of heaviness

A feeling of heaviness can occur with liver problems, especially with excessive alcohol consumption, which eventually affects the liver. A clinical examination can determine if it is a digestive, intestinal, or hepatic disorder.

Illustration of a woman suffering from abdominal cramps / Source: ViraLife

3.Sudden weight loss
Sudden and unexplained weight loss linked to loss of appetite can indicate many health conditions, one of them being cirrhosis. This disease must be treated quickly, otherwise, it can lead to liver cancer.

Unexplained Weight Loss / Source: Stress App

4.Recurring feeling of fatigue
We all have times when we feel tired. But when fatigue is constant, it can indicate a more or less serious problem with the liver. A lack of energy, a loss of interest, or even a depression can also be observed, underlines Pr Marcellin.

Fatigue and lack of concentration / Source: Natural

5.Hematoma and frequent bleeding
According to the website of the French Society of Hepatology (AFEF), these involve the presence of blood in vomiting, black or red blood in the stool, bleeding from the nose or gums, as well as frequent bruising.

To prevent or limit the risks of liver dysfunction, the wisest thing is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. While some symptoms may indicate a mild problem, others are indicative of much more serious illnesses. Note that these symptoms are not exclusive to liver disease and may indicate other health problems. For this reason, it is imperative to consult a doctor for a reliable diagnosis.

Some tips for a healthy liver
Very easy to integrate into your daily life, these few tips and tricks will allow you to adopt better hygiene of life to prevent risks for your liver and make it easier for it to perform its functions optimally.

You will thus help it to have a “new skin”. Because yes, one of the wonderful advantages of this organ is that it regenerates itself, you just need to give it a little boost!

Limit alcohol consumption… a good vegetable juice in the evening can be just as “trendy”!

Drink a cup of coffee a day… without sugar of course!

Limit your sugar consumption… opt for equally delicious substitutes such as almonds or other nuts!

Add garlic and onion to your dishes… their sulfur composition helps the liver to release its enzymes and better evacuate toxins!

Discover the black radish… this tuber is an excellent drainer of the liver. In juice, salad, or even cooked, its effect will be felt very quickly!